Did you know that your fingers can tell your peni$ size? And that's not the only weird relationship in between parts of the body - there are loads more, as well as here we are with the best of them. Every one of them have been established through scientific study, therefore they are true, no matter how untrue they might sound.

So check them out and be awed!
Your Fingers Can Predict Peni$ Size And Other Weird Facts About Human Body

1. Youthful skin and heart disease

Youthful skin and heart disease http://www.konetou.mu/images/stories2/skin-tips-for-every-woman-over-60.jpg

It has actually been very recently discovered that there is a strong correlation  between youthful skin and low blood pressure, and hence, lower chance of a heart disease.


2. Restless legs and erectile dysfunction

Restless legs and erectile dysfunction http://www.healthcareasia.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/RestlessLegSyndrome_02.jpg

The restless leg syndrome is very common, but it is much more harmful compared to it appears. A study has actually revealed that those with restless leg syndrome have a 50% even more possibility of struggling with erectile dysfunction as compared to people not suffering from this condition.