According to various sources on the web, as from 2014 there area unit a minimum of 1.2 billion drivers on our roads internationally. As claimed by several polls, Americans pay an average of around 17,600 minutes driving cars every year; that is virtually a staggering 300 hours annually spent in vehicles alone! we have a tendency to attempt to follow the foundations of the road as best we will, nonetheless from time to time we will all expect to be force over by a cop.
Why Does Cops Touch Your Car’s Tail Light When They Pull You Over?

1. cops love doing this

cops love doing this

One such routine, as mentioned higher than, that cops love doing is that the infamous 'tail light tap'.


2. A little bit of history lies in the reason

A little bit of history lies in the reason

According to Marilyn Caylor of, "the ritual of touching a tail light really goes back to the great old days of policing the highways. Before the invention of dash cams, policemen were super sneaky with their techniques. however don't be concerned, they weren't crooked cops or doing anything illegal. In fact, these enforcement officers were really hoping to catch the driver or passengers unawares. You see, it isn't uncommon for people to do and conceal their illicit drugs or guns right after they're pulled over by a cop. sound the tail light has the advantage of surprising these criminals before they'll end hiding their stash of illegal product."