It has an impact on a female's complete health as well as could also determine her lifespan, apparently. If you're wondering 'HOW?' then keep on reading to figure out.
When You Had Your First Period Says A Lot About Your Life Span

1. Early period is bad

Early period is bad

A female's very first period and her life span work together. It can be claimed that it has an impact, however reversely. It is stated that ladies who get their duration later in their teen years are most likely to live past 90 years of age. The later the first duration, more would be a woman's life as per Gita Mishra at the College of Queensland, Australia.


2. After 12 years of age

After 12 years of age

Gita with others researchers came down to a benchmark age of 12; the earliest a woman can be affected according to New Scientist.