Ups and downs, as well as a unique portrayal of Italian-Americans were also featured in the show. Although the show has actually become controversial in some terms, it it managed to be aired for four years.

Of course, these cast members have actually moved on to their personal lives. Did you have any thoughts about their whereabouts and current life status? Anyway, we can see them here. What are they now, really?
What Happened To The 'Jersey Shore' Cast? Here Is How They Look Now!

1. Angelina Pivarnick then

Angelina Pivarnick then

She tags herself as the "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island", because of her character. She simply showed up on the first 2 seasons of the show.


2. Angelina Pivarnick now

Angelina Pivarnick now

Angelina has actually been extremely active in LGBT affairs. Cool. Also, she is into TV through wrestling in 2013.