Kaylee Bonnett had continuously been overweight. Ever since her childhood, she weighed heavier than what should are her ideal weight. Her highest being 481 pounds, she had shallowness problems and health complications as a result of her weight also. high school wasn't a decent time for her as a result of she would face plenty of bullying from the opposite children. She started hating life as a result of it became such a struggle for her.

Let's ascertain what Kaylee seems like currently.
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1. That's Kaylee on her wedding day

She weighed concerning three hundred pounds on her day. Kaylee never thought being overweight may lead to such terrible health consequences. Sure, she weighed above the conventional quantity, however once she started tormented by health issues, she could not take it any more. She had to act currently as an alternative it might be too late.


2. This was Kaylee's body.

She began to suffer from co-morbidities due to her weight at a awfully early age.