Feeds99 brings you a list of people who will not only amaze you however will also motivate you.

Some of them are struggling with specific incurable ailments. But irrespective of that, they decide to rise above their issues and also face life with all the might they have.

Some are of course god-gifted and also have the abilities which you can not possess in your lifetime, no matter how hard you try.

Read on about them.
These 14 Teenagers Who Fight Every Day With Their Lives!

1. Hannah Kritzeck

Hannah Kritzeck http://i.huffpost.com/gen/2595588/images/o-TINY-DANCER-1-facebook.jpg

She is a teenager suffering from primordial dwarfism (very rare kind). There are just 100 human births with this kind of defect worldwide. She is 39 inches tall.

Hannah weighs less than 30 pounds and also looks like a 5-year old lady. Kritzeck is said to be a happy individual even after knowing that people suffering from this sort of problem don't survive after they turn 30.

Yet, she wants to pursue singing, dancing, and acting. 


2. Fu Wengui

Fu Wengui https://i.ytimg.com/vi/w9-nWKxPcjA/maxresdefault.jpg

Normal humans have 7 vertebrae in their neck. Fu has 10. It prompts people to call him "Giraffe", which isn't really depressing as much as the fact that three additional vertebrae keep him in severe pain. It restricts his movement as well.