In October 2015, Playboy introduced that absolute frontal nudity will say goodbye to be allowed to be featured in the magazine, but this decision was changed simply lately in 2017, and also now, yet once again, complete frontal nudity will be seen in Playboy (boys, calm down).

So, a few Playmates as the models of the Playboy magazine are called, were offered a possibility to recreate their cover images from Thirty Years back and trust me, the results are definitely dream-like and also stunning!
Playboy Models Remake Their Cover Photos After 30 Years

1. 'Entertainment for men'

'Entertainment for men'

Playboy is an American men's entertainment and lifestyle magazine, launched in Chicago in 1953, by Hugh Hefner. Over the years Playboy has actually made its way to a number of the boys' and also men's bed-side. *wink*.


2. Cathy St. George- Playmate (1981 vs. 2017)

Cathy St. George- Playmate (1981 vs. 2017)

Beauty that transcends the barrier of ages.