There's one question that stands still after everything, and that is- what they're going to do of their joint properties? In a relationship of more than 11 years, Brangelina have managed to build an empire like no other Hollywood celebrities could ever built, they've joint ventures and properties all around the world.

What they're going to do about this? How they'll split money and properties?

Well, the possible answers are here!
How Will Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Divide Their $400 Million Property?

1. Hollywood's true golden couple

In their 12 years relationship, the couple had spent more than nine years together without any official relationship. They married each other in the year 2014.


2. According to US laws...

Angelina and Brad, both were previously married before their marriage and the pair would have a prenuptial agreement, according to which, the assets owned by a person solely before their wedding, stays with them only.

They had a 12-year relationship, but out of these, they were married only for two years. Hence, the court will only count these two years of marriage and their individual assets will stay with the person who owned it.