And that's as all-natural as the smell of penises or our armpits. A healthy vaginal area usually has a regular smell that differs based upon some ecological elements and body conditions. Extreme workout or modification in pH levels around the vaginal area could cause change in the aromas of the vaginal canal which have been classified right here.

Let's have a look!
Does Your Lady Part Smell Healthy? Right Here Are 10 Usual Odors Explained

1. Fishy


A fish-like scent can be a sign of an infection, where the delicate pH balance of the vaginal atmosphere is disrupted by an overgrowth of germs. One such usual infection is bacterial vaginosis (BV), and that fishy scent is often elevated after sex and typically accompanied by a rise in vaginal discharge.


2. Ammonia smell

Ammonia smell

Some females find their undergarments stinking of strong ammonia smells after a long day.

The strong ammonia-like scent could be because of urine leaks in the underwear or improper cleansing of the nether regions after going to the toilet or  improper underwear product selections that multiply the intensity of the smells.