Amber Telford, a former dance teacher, 33 was found guilty for having sex with detective's teenage son who is 17-year-old. A husband who was assigned a private investigator to follow his wife, found she was sleeping with the investigative's teenage son. Cops in Taylorsville, Utah arrested Telford as well as has now been jailed for 30 days and been register as a sex offender.
Detective Caught His Client's Wife Cheating With His Own Underage Son

1. Amber Telford

Amber Telford

She was also locked up for 1 Month. The court also ordered her to carry out 150 hrs of community service, complete probation and also register as a sex offender.


2. Colette's Dancing School

Colette's Dancing School

She used to run this school now it's shut. They both were in a relationship and also found in an extremely bad scenario together in a blanket.