In that case, many of the men often feel helpless, thinking, 'What can I do to help my woman?' Well, the truth is that there are numerous things men can do to help. The best they can do is by being supportive to their partner.

Moreover, if you want to help your woman in this trial, then just follow these nine steps and make your relationship stronger than ever.
9 Things You Can Do To Support Your Partner If She Has Vaginismus

1. The most important thing-

The most important thing-

Don't keep asking her about when she will be ready or when you guys will be able to have sex perfectly. Well, it is you who has to understand and shift the whole attention towards her and her condition. So without considering only your specific need in the moment, you should be more concerned to her problem.


2. Don't blame her or make her feel guilty.

Don't blame her or make her feel guilty.

I have known people who so desperately want to have PIV sex with their partner but the inability to have it leave them in frustration. Well, it is normal to cry in frustration but blaming your partner for that is completely incorrect.