Having a bad day? Don't worry, you are not the only one.

Look at these people, they did/faced something uncommon, they were captured on camera and were exposed online in a horrible way. Can you imagine the embarrassment? What happens if you face the exact same? You have been saying NO WAY!

Take a look!

P.S. This list includes celebs too.
15 Unfortunate People Who Were Caught On Camera

1. Raise your voice, but not middle finger.

Raise your voice, but not middle finger. https://tuul.tv/sites/default/files/1_1545.jpg

* She could be having a bad time, so I am with her *.


2. And they BROKE!

And they BROKE! https://cdn.wittyfeed.com/20963/800x0/vf0xigrt2vktq74twetf.png?tr=q-40