We as humans have been altering our bodies from thousands of years. Some people transform their bodies as they intend to stand out from the pack, some do it because they wish to feel drawn in to the opposite sex and some do it for cultural reasons.

So we at Feeds99 want to show you a list of 15 such body transformations that people actually do for reasons ranging from beauty to maturity.
15 Body Transformations You Will Not Believe People Actually Did

1. Lip plate.

Lip plate. http://www.medicalbag.com/body-modification/pucker-up-lip-plating-still-in-vogue-in-remote-tribal-villages/article/472684/

According to Daily Mail, this tradition is popular among women of the African tribe of Mursi. The women pierce their lips with discs of increasing size over the years in order to stretch it. Have you ever wondered why?


2. To show a sign.

To show a sign. https://photito.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/lip-plate/

There's a reason that females do that on purpose and that is because it is considered as a sign - an expression of maturity that the woman is ready to bear children. The size of the disk signifies that as well as just what's much more incredible is that this practice starts right from adolescence among the tribe.