There's a 'myth' about size, there are things said on the net about prostates, semen and so on but are you ready to understand even more regarding your personal body part? Keep on reading then.
14 Shocking Facts About Penis Most Men Don't Know

1. Prostate can cause problems

Prostate can cause  problems

Here's a tip,, in situation you're struggling with erectile dysfunction and also premature climaxing, it's not you, it's your prostate. So prepare yourself to take a trip to the doctor.


2. Orgasm Duration

Orgasm Duration

No, we aren't talking about the moment it takes to reach the orgasm, we're reviewing the moment of the climax. A male orgasm lasts for 6 secs while a female climax lasts for 23. No, you can not have an orgasm 4 times to make it up to her.