I know for most of us, history classes have actually been a nightmare. The realities our history teachers told us, however, seemed boring to all of us the time but, there is definitely something hidden in those same boring history books.

I make sure, you would love to know these. So, let's take a tour.
14 Adult Truths They Kept Hidden From You In History Class

1. Why was the vibrator invented?

Why was the vibrator invented? https://cdn.wittyfeed.me/60002/800x0/u0o35ao5ip6wbf2db9j9.jpeg?tr=q-40

The vibrator was developeded for physicians who were getting carpal tunnel from using their fingers to give female patients orgasms in order to treat hysteria.


2. The brothels remained closed...

The brothels remained closed... https://cdn.wittyfeed.me/60002/800x0/ajr37izt98xroo709mmi.jpeg?tr=q-40

The 19th-century French poet Victor Hugo slept with so many prostitutes that on the day he passed away, all the brothels in Paris were closed because so many of the prostitutes took the day off to mourn him.