Love is very powerful. And being in love with someone is probably the best feeling ever. And there is also one more truth that making love strengthens your relation.

But have you ever thought a deep into it? I mean do you feel your partner demands love-making a lot?

Here are some big signs to find out.
12 Sure Signs That Show You Are In Love With A Sex Addict

1. The lying and sneaking around.

The lying and sneaking around.

Sex addicts are master in telling the lies. They put up a little bit of truth and then create a completely false impression. They also are mastered the art of covering themselves when their partner is too close to uncovering them with the truth. 


2. Use of alcohol and drugs as well.

Use of alcohol and drugs as well.

Sexual addicts often use alcohol and drugs to numb their thinking and to excuse themselves. In other words or putting it simply sexual addicts know the danger of sexually transmitted diseases it they hire a hooker, but if they go to a random bar and have some drinks and pick up a girl, it might not be that dangerous. Thus, sexual addicts often seek alcohol and drugs on an unconscious level to justify moving into deeper addiction. They find an escape or excuse in alcohol and drugs.