If you are just one of those guys that contain questions concerning the women body, after that you have to check out ahead and also obtain your facts right today.
10 Misconceptions Guys Have Regarding The Women Body

1. Ladies pee blood during their periods.

Ladies pee blood during their periods. http://img14.deviantart.net/4b28/i/2013/170/d/3/underwater_9_by_bumimanusiastock-d69q3or.jpg

Simply to make clear, females have a urethra and that is where they pee from. Menstrual blood comes from a different area.


2. Labia minora can tell tales.

Labia minora can tell tales. http://www.healthista.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Itch-vaginal-health-by-healthista.com_.jpg

you will rejoice to understand that the size of labia might differ each woman and it could not be utilized to establish whether she is promiscuous or otherwise.